Castle Ludwigslust
Ludwigslust Palace


When I finished my study of physics in Dresden/DDR, Diploma in my hand, I asked myself what, under the given conditions, I could contribute to a better understanding of the Earth system and our environment. Encouraged by a few people I started to work in these fields and concentrated on (1) fluid dynamics, and especially on mixing and turbulence, and on (2) phytoplankton photosyn- thesis, because one half of global carbon fixation is done by marine phytoplankton, and oceans and atmosphere are (less and more) turbulent as a rule. Both problems were exciting and today I am happy that I could contribute to move them a few millimeters forward. I am often guided by the view that "Das höchste, wozu ein Mensch gelangen kann, ist das Erstaunen." (JWG)